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i appreciate if someone could give me some advices about a problem on my R60/2 (1968) .
when the engine gets warm , i can see a lot of white smoke from its breather pipe (under the fromt crankcase ) .
do anyone know what is wrong , or what i should do.......?


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white smoke from breather pipe .......

It would help if you gave some background. For instance, did you just start up a barn find, or did this happen to your bike suddenly like after a seizing episode, or has it been doing it for years. Knowing that could explain the cause of the problem, like was the cause rust, damage or wear, and what you might expect to find inside.

In any case, the problem is blow-by from the cylinders. There is a problem with your pistons, rings and cylinders not containing the combustion. A knowledgeable mechanic should remove and examine them to see what to do. The least would be a re-ringing and honing. The worst would be a rebore with new piston.

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