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I am trying to find a particular set of /2 crash bars for my R69S which is being restored in New Hampshire. I have only ever seen these bars in the photos which can be viewed at: http://picasaweb.google.com/tonybmwbike (5 photos - click on 1st) Any help to identify the brand or manufacturer or track down a set would be greatly appreciated - email me at: gillett@retirewell.com.au Thanks. Tony Gillett


Tony Gillett Brisbane Australia

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Looking for Specific Type of R69S Crash Bars

seems to me that just fab'ing up a set would be a lot quicker and could even be done better..... stainless even and

like eliminate the frame squeezing clamps........ which are crude, inferior, and primative...... instead anchor to the engine and transmission studs

bizzare that design clamps to the tubing when it's just right there at both of those studs anyhow

and then weld a nicely machined threaded gimmick on the down tubes if there is nothing else to anchor to up front

could even make the gimmick with additional holes for fairing mounts and such

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