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Jeremy Tabarrok
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Here are the symptoms.

The battery isn't charging
the headlight, turn signal and breaklight blew (at different times)

Could it be just a short?

Does anyone have any experience with an electronic regulator?

I'm using a 6 volt system. Is it time to move to a 12volt?



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R25 I think I need a new regulator??

A faulty regulator will not charge the battery and will illuminate the red charging light. The generator could also be at fault. But I don't see how failure to charge can cause bulbs to "blow" out, so that could be another problem.

Rather than diagnose what could be a complicated generator or regulator problem, it is easy to buy and install a 12V kit from MZ-B. However, that only replaces the components on the engine and the bulbs. If there is a short in the lighting circuit -- in the bucket or in the harness -- the 12V bulbs could continue to burn out.

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