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Hello. Last ride I drove empty and tried to switch to "reserve", but couldn't as the wing of the handle touch the tank's bottom. So I made a bit exercise until I reached the next tank stop, but still, I would like to know if the petrol tap is an original and right one for my tank? I am adding a picture (a bad one…) and also draw a straight black line on it for proportions, to show the point where the wing should reach.
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Fuel handle at reverse situ is touching the tank

The petcock is drawn up towards the tank with the largish nut that you can see. The threads on the petcock are one direction while the threads on the tank stub are the other direction...ie, one is left handed, the other is right handed. The nut must be started just as it engages the threads on the petcock and the stub at the same time. If you already have threads engaged on the petcock side when the threads on the stub are started, it might pull the petcock closer to the tank than you want.

I would investigate that...it looks like all you need is one thread dimension to give you the clearance you need.

Of course, you can just plan your trips such that you never go on reserve! Laughing

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