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I've been driving BMW sidecar rigs for 25 or 30 years...
So a guy finds out about me and wants me to teach him how to take care of, and drive a restored early 40's rig he inherited.

OK- I'm up for that. I actually drove one back in... 1975ish? What I need to know is;
What are the model names for these bikes- R75, R75M, M75?
How does the Hi / Low and reverse work?

Any links to good pictures / info?


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WWII era sidecar info?

Try the VBMWMO links page...search for "WWII" without the quotes...there are a couple of places to check out...


If you find other interesting pages, report back and we'll see about including them on the links page for future reference.

Kurt in S.A.


Kurt in S.A.
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WWII era sidecar info?

Visit the guys at:

Several of them have R75 and can advise you.



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