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matt crocco
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I need a new ing. coil for my r69s, any advice???? thanks

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r69s magneto coil

First place I'd go is Vech http://members.aol.com/vechbmw2/partno.html.
He offers a rewinding option, but I hear people are happy with his reproduction which I believe is made by Emerald Isle.

12 13 8 004 104--$235.00--ignition coil R51/3-R69S rewound in exchange for your old coil
12 13 8 004 104R--$160.00--ignition coil R51/3-R69S reproduction NEW SOURCE!

Kurt in S.A.


Kurt in S.A.
'78 R100/7 '69 R69S '52 R25/2

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