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Got 84' R80RT running. OP problem resolved. Now I've got a motor that runs way to rich. Bike runs but the plugs are pitch black. Checked the jets, floats. Next step is to remove the air filter and check to see if any varments are residing in the airbox. Something is cutting into the air flow to the carbs. Any advice will be apprecited. Plugs set @ .26.

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Black Plugs

Are the floats OK and/or set right? Try opening the petcocks for a few seconds to let the bowls fill. Shut off the petcocks and remove the float bowls. There should be about 22-24mm of gas standing in each bowl, measured from the very center of the bowl. Alternatively, you could remove each float and drop them in a container of gas. About 1/3 of the float should be above the fuel line. You can remove the floats with the carbs on the bike...be careful in driving out the pin that holds the floats in. They only go one direction and you don't want to break the flanges that hold the pin!!

If the age of the floats is uncertain, might be best to replace them anyway...

Kurt in S.A.


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