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I am new here, so forgive if this is common knowledge. I own a 1937 R-35 which is cosmetically very nice now, and I spent ages finding a replacement shaft. Now the motorcycle is up and running I find my clutch is very poor. Second gear will not engage and I must ride the hell out of the clutch to get up to speed. The steering is very wobbly too, but I suspect that is a bearing issue.

Although I searched the forum I was not able to find the info I needed so, if I my, where can I locate a replacement clutch in total for the R-35. I would be very happy with even an EMW unit, but goggle has turned up nothing in my search.

Any help, very greatly appreciated.


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R-35 Replacement clutch

I am also located about 100 miles east of LA. For a clutch, go to www.benchmarkworks.com . Vech there will have a R35 clutch and he has also new bearings etc. Its actually really easy parts you need to replace. I would also suggest getting on the Krad rider list, alot of BMW vintage bike owners are on that list. The links can be found on my web site.



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