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Hi to all,
Advice please! (60/2).
A PO has mashed the key of the advance unit into the end of the magneto rotor shaft several times leaving the shaft looking a real mess.
It's now really difficult to get the advance unit seated properly on the shaft.

I've had it running well for a couple of years since I last had the advance off but had the little ad. springs fail a few days back so either have to have a go at cleaning up the end of the shaft (as I did a couple of years ago or replace the mag.rotor).

( I've just missed out on a mag rotor on EBay and would be rapt to purchase one if anybody out there has a decent replacement, please contact me! (Not many /2's made it to Western Australia.))

From memory, I took about as much metal as I was 'game' to last time I had the rotor off. I'm really keen to find a replacement but before I take it off and take more off it, does anyone have any other suggestions?

Ps. If anyone has a Mag. rotor handy they could measure for overall length I would appreciate that too!

Thanks in advance, Dan.

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Advance/mag. shaft end blues

I have an extra magneto rotor. It is 3-1/4 inches long and for sale. Send me an email to reply to, and I will send you some photos.

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