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Here is my R12 website. I will document and photograph the pre restoration, restoration, and post restoration of my R 12's.


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Thank you very much for your

Thank you very much for your website

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estimate price

Hi there I'm new here, I ever had R25 and used to riding it to school but now I don't have it anymore, 1 left I had is BSA M20.

I really want to have R12 military but it seems these days the price already high enough. Can you tell me the average rate for complete R12 without sidecar, running and as its / not restored


MD Iman Santoso

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R12 prices

Very difficult question to answer.

Depends on a number of factors:

1. What country you buy from
2. Condition
3. Originality of bike and parts
4. History of bike

I live in the UK. My R12 has had and engine rebuild, it is in good condition, the gearbox could do with a rebuild, the magneto/dynamo has been re-built, it is not 'matching numbers', I know a little of its history, it probably has 65% original components. I've put £17,000 into it. So the value would be based upon these facts.

I've seen cheaper and more expensive R12's out there but their condition can only be assessed on the pictures and the description in the adverts. There is FAR more than adverts can tell to an R12 and its price.

I might stir something up here but I'm going to say that a TOP condition military R12 non-matching (without sidecar) here in the UK, starting pre-restoration with a base condition R12, might require a budget of £23,000.

If you were to buy abroad you would need to add taxes, shipping and duties


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