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I am a freak when it comes to these bikes. I fell in love with Airheads when I stumbled upon a 1975 R90/6 one of my regulars was unloading at the restaurant I used to work at. It became my trusty steed and the rest is history
Not long after I picked up a 1976 R90/6 out of the back of someones yard, (very rough),

but then it started to come together in my dining room over the winter (god bless my wife)

and now I am a happy camper!!! I named it "El Moto"




Anyhow. That is me. I own a Coffee House that caters to Motorcycle enthusiasts in Fort Collins Colorado. If you are ever in the area, stop in for a cup or a shot. Cheers and looking forward to dwelling into this site more. What a resource. . . Cheers - MotoMax[/img]


"A shot of espresso is worth an extra 100 miles!"
www.motohauscoffee.com Check it out man!!

1976 R90/6 Cafe racer - "El Moto"
1998 VFR 800FI
1955 BSA B-33

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New member. . . wanted to say HI.

dig the cafe bike and love the header on it

I want one

if you ever get tired of the thin stamped headlight ear things that will eventually fatigue and fail

just whistle and I'll point you towards some really nice cast ones that are out there and available

I just put a set on one of my cafe bikes and they look really nice with the Tomaselli 3 ways

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Cafe seat

Motomax, where did you find that seat? This would save me a lot of work making one.


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