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Seems like no other boxer twins match up on all points.

Stroke is a bit over 2 inches and the opening for the cylinder spigot is just under 3 inches.

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Does this look like A Victoria Engine Case?

I don't think it's a Victoria engine. They used BMW motors until Martin Stolle, who had designed the M2B15 motor for BMW, came over to Nuernburg when he became frustrated with BMW's management's lack of interest in racing. He modified the motor into an OHV design. Here's a picture of one:

With such a small stroke, this would be a smallish motor, certainly under 500cc and perhaps more like 350cc. Douglas made a 350cc motor for many years...


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Does this look like A Victoria Engine Case?

Its definately NOT Douglas......... with helical cut gears , painted crank webs cadmium plated cyclinder studs, pressure fed crankand cap screws to hold on the Bell housing, and the presence of white corrosion on the face to me would hint of water cooled and probably post war at best,

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