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Hi all,

I'm considering buying a 76 R90/6 and converting it into a cafe racer. A bike I'm currently looking at has cast wheels, with dual front disk brakes, but for my project, I'd really prefer spoke wheels.

My question is, will (spoke) wheels off another airhead fit directly up - e.g. I can get my hands on a set of spoke wheels off a 76 R75/6

And, what about the dual front disk setup - is there a front spoke wheel that has dual disks, or would that be something that has to be custom built?


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R90/6 cast vs spoke wheels...

I'm pretty sure spoke/cast wheels from the same timeframe you suggest will directly swap...don't see why not, epecially for the same year /6.

Ian Falloon's book shows plenty of examples of spoke wheels with dual disk setups. I think it's a function of having the proper right side slider. I don't think there will be any clearance issues...

My $0.02...

Kurt in S.A.


Kurt in S.A.
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R90/6 cast vs spoke wheels...

The /6 bikes had dual discs as an option (a very expensive option at the time).

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