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Gentlemen, I bought a Polish front stand which seems to fit Ok and is very usefull for changing the front wheel, however it did not come with a retaining clip, does any one have one that I could get some dimentions off. even just a verbal one would do.

I have two clips that I thought were correct but they are not long enough. If I put them back to back and then bolt an extention of say 20mm onto one end they work ok. It would be nice to get it right ... Regards Peter

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R 12 front stand

Peter, I bought a new front stand AND clip (and a clip for the main stand, as well) for my R12 from Wolfgang Reichenberger. The pieces look good, but the bike is apart right now and I haven't had a chance to try it out.

I'll try to report back when I get the R12 together, hopefully later this summer. (But then, I thought I was going to have it together last fall...)


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R 12 front stand

Hello Peter,

There is a picture somewhere on the web...perhaps Dreher's site.

It is a spring steel clip. The material is 1.5mm and it tapers in width from about 25mm to about 15mm just where it makes the radius at the bottom

It has a curved section that engages and holds the front stand in a horizontal position.

I replied to your post on the Kradrider site and attached some pix in my reply. A picture is worth much more than a thousand of my words.

Best regards,


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