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Hi All Im planing a trip the the US in early Aug till early Sep 07 I was wondering if there were any events to visit in the Seattle area Regards peter gibbs

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Trip to USA

Peter, depending on your dates, there may very well be an excellent event there, then.

There is a very active club in the greater Seattle area, the Vintage Motorcycle Enthusiasts (VME). Around that time, they hold their annual Isle of Vashon TT. Vashon is a small island in the Puget Sound.

Because the facilities are not huge there, and because this event attracts thousand bikes if it attracts one, the VME doesn't actually advertise the date. It appears in the July/August issue, and it's up to the members to invite who they would like. But word gets around.

Besides that, they also have a monthly meeting in the Georgetown area of south Seattle: http://www.micapeak.com/VME/.

The Washington State BMW Riders will have their Cascade Country Rendezvous just before your arrival, I'm afraid: July 26-29. I can give you more details if this is useful to you.

On Aug 16-19, the BC Beemers will have their Hotsprings Rally in Nakusp, BC, Canada. More info at http://www.beeceebeemers.com.

Will you have an opportunity to travel much? Santa Cruz is 2 fast days down I-5 or 3 extremely pleasant days down the coast...


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Trip to USA

I live in the Seattle area. You HAVE to drive the north cascade highway. Quite possibly the most beautiful scenery anywhere. Aqua blue lakes, through the mountains to the east side of the state which is very arrid. Come back through Winthrop and drop down to Leavenworth, which is an old German town.

Also, I went to Australia last year. Port Douglas and Caines were my favorites. Loved Sydney and drove from Adelaide to Melbourne on the coast.

E-mail me if you have any questions. I can tell you what to see and what to avoid.

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