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hey all, i'm in the process of stripping a 1955 R50 engine down to clean out the oil slingers, and i've finally gotten to the point where i can't seem to do without a specialized tool. seems i need the crankshaft/bearing cover puller thing. * since i figure i'll only use this device once in my natural lifetime, i'm reluctant to pay $300 for it. i don't suppose anyone out there in the northeast (new england (vermont)) area has one that they'd be willing to rent out to me for a few days? Smile

* it should be noted that i'm not entirely sure if this is the only tool i need. i haven't been able to remove the outer bearing and timing gear on the crank yet either. the book i have is rather ambiguous about how to remove these before getting the bearing cover plate off. so if any of you happen to know what i need do this step as well, that would be appreciated too.