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A strange quest, but one of the things I want to have owned and ridden before I die is a 1925-1929 BMW - now don't get me wrong, I do not have one foot in the grave - not even close, but it is very high up on my list of 100 things to do before I die. I would be interested in any and all models/options.

Bob in Ontario


Bob in Ontario

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Vintage bmw WANTED 1925-1929

You might try Vech at Bench Mark Works at:


He might have some ideas. I believe there is also a Bench Mark Works in Canada. You might also check there:


Kurt in S.A.


Kurt in S.A.
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Vintage bmw WANTED 1925-1929

If you look over on our calendar of events page, you'll see that Vech is having his 3rd vintage rally on April 6-8. There will likely be a number of very old BMWs there, and Vech himself has a number of prewar bikes. I am planning on driving my little Toyota pickup there with my 1928 R52 in the back. (But it's not for sale.)

These so-called "stecktank", or hanging tank bikes are a real view back in time. There's no twistgrip. Instead, you're constantly adjusting 3 different thumb levers. The brakes on the BMWs are excellent for the period, even if they would make /2 brakes look like modern 6 piston disk brakes in comparison. The ride is bouncy except on the smoothest roads, because of the undamped front suspension and the hardtail rear. And while 1st and 3rd gear are of the familiar constant mesh design, 2nd is not and you must feel your way into mesh. Oh and there's a neutral between 2nd and 3rd, too. It's all so weird and awkward.

Anyway, I hardly think that you have a strange quest.


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