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I have a need for some good advise as to how to safely remove the four transmision mounting studs on my r26 motor. I want to mount the center exaust pipe support and the studs are installed with the longer ones on the top side,I would like to do this with engine in place if possible.The bike is just a pleasure to ride and has been totally dependable,this is the only glitch and has been so for many years.any help with this would be appriciated.

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removal of transmition mounting studs from engine

All you need to do is take two nuts, spin them on and tighten them against each other, then use the one closest to the block to spin out the stud.

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removal of transmition mounting studs from engine

Ray it is prefered if before unwinding the stud you apply some local heat to the cases, a hot air gun will work, this has two fold effect, one if a PO has used locktite it will help to loosen it or if the studs are very tight it will expand the metal enough to allow the the studs to come out without tearing out the threads which can sometimes happen

Peter G

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