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i'm Davide and i live in Italy (near Milan).

I' ve an R 100 S Motorsport Limited Edition, an R 80 G/S Paris Dakar and a K 100 Rs 16 V

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Hello Davide and welcome! I have been to Milan (and Monza), and have enjoyed riding in the Alps to the west, above Aosta and also near Mt. Cenis. You'll have to tell us where you go riding on your R100S and R80G/S.

If you check over at the main website, you'll see that we have an Italian Regional Director, Michele Varcasia, who is very active and has been published in the club's Bulletin several times.

Also, are you aware of the Internet Riders of Italy club, whose motto is "piano, ma pieni"? I have several friends who are members and have gone on a couple rides with them, and they are a very friendly group.

Buon Viaggio,


VBMWMO Webmaster,--Darryl Richman

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Hallo Davide,

I am living in Milano for the next year or two.

My bike in Italy is a 1935 R12 which is not registered yet, so I do not ride too far from home, but I would enjoy meeting you.



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