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Although I am deep in the midst of working on an R12 and an R51/3 and don't have either the time nor the money to work on the R62, still, things progress on this project.

On my way to the BMW MOA rally in July, I was in LA for a few days. (Yes, I know that LA is the wrong direction towards Vermont from Santa Cruz.) In spite of having grown up in LA, and ridden there for many years, I had never been to Irv Seaver's dealership in Orange, but I was finally able to go there. John Covington, who has an R69S and an R12, had invited me to his place and then on to meet Evan Bell. I had a great day, and Evan is a very enthusiastic collector!

We ended up at Evan's house until around 9:30pm, talking bikes, and I mentioned my R62 project. Evan turned out to have a small box of parts that were complementary to the boxes of parts I had bought. So now, besides the gas tank, motor and transmission, I have a good driveshaft, driveshaft brake and final drive case.

Also, I showed the cracked and bent case half to Joe Groeger a couple weeks ago, and he took both halves away. Between he and Brian Stearns, I hope to have that repaired.

Although I know I can buy repros from Poland, I am instead looking for original R52/57/62/63 frame and forks. Pretty much everything else can be gotten repro or, eventually, original.


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