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I have a r900/6, When I bought it the battery was new. 6 months later it was dead. Bought a new one 1month later it was dead. Something is pulling of my battery. But, I wonder if the red egnition switch is in the upright position, ( engine off ) and left there does it drain the battery? Or, is that a suitable off position. Any advice is appreciated

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battery drain

I'll try to look at my Haynes wiring diagram tonight or tomorrow. But are you saying you leave your key in the ignition and turned on, and only turn the kill switch? I'm sure that must leave a number of things in the system energized.

I leave my R90S on a Battery Tender most of the time when it's parked. I replaced the battery last year, after at least 8 years (it came with the bike when I bought it).

No battery likes to be left sitting for a long time. On top of that, the charging system on the Airhead bikes is not very strong until it's running well above idle. All this means that you should not stop and start the bike or only run short trips with it continually. When I bought my R65 in 1981, the dealer told me I needed to run it for 20 miles to make up for the energy needed to start it.


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