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I have a 1969 R60 US, i'm wanting to put on a new front tire. There seems to be some question about what brand and size of tire will fit without rubbing the fender. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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Tire size

I just took delivery from coker tire company a firestone champion 4.00x18 and a 3.50x18. The cost was reasonable. I put them on a 1967 R69S the rear was a close fit but nothing rubs and they seem like really good tires.


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Question on tire size!!

I recently replaced a set of Metzeler ME-22 tires on my R60/2. They were good tires, and work as either front or rear tires - they even have arrows for both fitments, which is nice because it's difficult to find a true 3.50x18 for a rear tire. Unfortunately, they're not available in North America, only in Europe. A group of us in the SF area went in together to save on shipping. I recall that my final price was about $67.

I just replaced them with Bridgestone S-11s, with a front tire mounted backwards for the rear. These are metric sized, 100/90x18. I haven't had much chance yet to try them out, so I don't have an opinion yet.

I have also run the Michelin 50 series tires. I believe Vech carries these. They are excellent tires as well, though only available in metric sizes, and only in a 110/90x18 for a rear, if I recall correctly (not guaranteed, so check with Vech).


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