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I'm sending this notice out to anybody BMW related in the area. Additionally, please feel free to fwd the message on the anyone you think would care or print it and post on your boards. Anything positive is appreciated.

Thanks and best regards,
K Matheson


REWARD - $750 Either bring it to me or give me info that tells me where it is. I don't care what the story is. Call Ken @ 415 681-7490 or 415 516-8125


San Francisco, CA, May 3rd

1975 BMW 90/6
Black w/ White striping

vin 4962843
Lic 15Y8137

Stock, with an S fairing. Narrow bars.

S Fairing: Black, has a scratch on the facing left side with dark red paint underneath. Inside is matte black. Mounted with BMW mounts.

Tank: has small dings on the upper corners where the handlebars once knocked. Otherwise the paint is clean, repainted several years ago. There's a scuff of the stripes of the right side, visible in the side photo below.

Frame: has the remains of weld marks on the front facing struts where a fairing (?) or brace was once attached, and one side still has the small round metal piece attached. You can see it in the side photo.

Call Ken @ 415 681-7490 or 415 516-8125