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BMW Club Mulheim-Ruhr e.V are running the 44th International Drivers Training Course from August 13th-17th at the Nurburgring. There will be groups for solo motorcycles & sidecars & the participants will be split into several groups, each headed by an instructor & assistant. Training will be based upon learning sections of the track, with guidance from the instructors. The next phase will be completing full laps guided by the instructors. The course is not to reach maximum lap speeds but to improve the driving style & the control of the vehicle.

The course is open to anyone with a full valid drivers licence & all vehicles must be fully road legal.

Entry forms are available from

Int.BMW Fahrerlehrgang
Frau Silke Schulten
GroBenbaumer Str.51,
D-45481 Mulhein a.d. Ruhr
Tel 0049 208 427327
Fax 0049 208 425926
E-mail s.schulten@fahrerlehrgang.info

The number of participants is limited but there is no official deadline for registration. The paid entries will be acknowledged in the sequence they are received.

The entry fee is Euro 990 including VAT, payment by credit card is not acceptable.

The entry fee includes
Welcome dinner
Year pin
Starting number
Accident insurance
Track maps
Program with detailed information.
Instruction on the track.
Safety straining
Lunch on 13,14 & 15th August
Farewell dinner
Trophies for the 1st, 2nd & 3rd place in each group.
The fee does not include accommodation.

Payment should be made to
Dresdner Bank Mulheim an der Ruhr
BMW Club Mulheim/Ruhr, Werner Briel,
Account Number 332 413 800
Bankleitzahl 362 800 71
In favour of Int.BMW Fahrerlehrgang

Swift-bic: DRES DE FF 362
IBAN DE 06 362800710332413800

Peter Dunn
The BMW Club
Delegate to BMW Club Europa e.V

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Wow, what a blast!

I did this a few years back. It was great! Three days of driving and learning the North course, a 21 km long track that rises and falls and throws every possible kind of curve your way, and you will get to know it pretty well by the end. The instructors are good and love what they're doing.



VBMWMO Webmaster,--Darryl Richman

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