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How time flies. Seems like 1981 was just yesterday but it's now 25 years ago. Will the VBMWO include a forum for those of us who own 25 year old G/S series bikes? With BMW creating a whole new classification of motorcycle with the introduction of the G/S in 1980 (1981 in the US), it seems that here is a whole new cadre of classic bikes to include.

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1981 R80G/S

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Will there be a listing for the '81 R80G/S?

You're right about the G/Ses! And they are now officially in the Classics section. So, you're posting to the right place. (If there's enough demand, we can always create new forum areas.)


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Will there be a listing for the '81 R80G/S?


If you have a look at the 2006 calender from BMW Mobile Tradition which features a range of classic bikes & cars, the early R80G/S is one of the stars.


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