FAQs about the VBMWMO Website and Forum

  1. I'm having a problem with the Website or Forum. Who can I contact about this?
    Please use the Contact Page and select either the Forum or Website feedback categories for your message. We are volunteers here, so you may not get a response immediately, but we try to answer questions and help people as quickly as we can.
  2. I'm having a problem with my Membership or the Club Store. Who can I contact about this?
    Please use the Contact Page and select either the Membership or Website feedback categories for your message. Or contact the club office phone: 866-672-6966 or 414-333-6987; fax: 414-456-9790. The office is generally open during Central timezone business hours.
  3. I just registered for the website. What happens next?
    Your registration is reviewed by the webmaster, who then approves it (or not). The system will then send you your username and a temporary password to the email address you've given. This will take a little while, depending on when the webmaster sees your application. When you receive the email, there will be a link you can click, which will log you in and take you to your account page, where you can set your password.
  4. It is helpful if you also take the time to fill in your profile information so that others on the Forum know what region you're from and maybe what bike(s) you have. This can be helpful when you participate in some discussions.

  5. Help! I can't log in!
    On the same page as the login screen is a tab that reads Request new password. Click that and then enter your user name or the email address you used to register here. The system will send an email with a one-time use login link to that address, and you can use this to reset your password.
  6. If you are still having difficulties, please feel free to use the Contact Page to send a message to the Webmaster (use the Website Feedback category). We will make sure that you can get logged in!

  7. I'm having troubles using the searching and filtering features on the Resource Links or BMW Bibliography pages!
    First of all, if you're looking for a very specific item, you may find it quicker to just enter it into the Search box at the upper left of every page. If you want more advanced searching features, click on the Search button without entering anything in the search box.
  8. To browse through these pages, but to limit your viewing to a particular topic, the best way may be this: at the top of the page is a control called Tags. It has two parts: an operator you select from a drop down menu, and one or more tags you can select. (Select one by clicking on it; select more by holding the CTL key down and clicking on them.)

    A good suggestion is that you start by selecting the Is all of operator and then ctl + click several tags. Then click the Apply button. Only those entries that have every one of the tags you selected will be displayed.

    For example, on the Resource Links page, select Is all of as your operator and then ctl + click on Services, "/2" bikes and Engine bottom end. This will produce a list of those people and companies that we know of who advertise deep engine work for your Earles fork bike.

  9. Why can't I create a photo gallery?
    If you're not a club member — and just registering to use this site does not make you a paid-for VBMWMO club member — or you're not using your club membership account on the website, then you can't create a gallery and upload photos. Also, you won't be able to see that there is a Clubhouse and classified ads posting areas in the Forum.
  10. There are two reasons why we do this: 1) club members' dues are supporting this website, so they get certain exclusive benefits from it, and 2) because the classifieds are only available to members, buyers and sellers don't have to worry about Nigerian scam artists and an extra helping of spam mail.

  11. My post/reply in the Forum disappeared, or, one of my photos in my photo gallery is gone. What happened to it?
    All user contributed material is subject to our Terms and Conditions, which you must abide by. If we deem that any material is illegal, profane, insulting, spam, racist, discriminatory or generally unsuitable for our family-oriented, PG-13 environement, we will summarily remove it. Normally we will send you a private message (PM) regarding such action (see the Messages link under My Menu on the left side of any page). We may take other actions, up to and including blocking you from the website, at our discretion.
  12. If you post a message to the Forum in the wrong place, we may move it to a more appropriate area and send you a PM.

    If you feel that something you posted has disappeared and you haven't received a PM, please contact us, using the Website or Forum feedback categories.

  13. The system says my post/reply in the Forum, or my photo gallery is spam. But it isn't spam!
    Not to worry. We have a series of automated spam filters that are intended to prevent people from posting spam (and porn). Among these filters is one that "learns" what spam looks like, and should get better with time (techincally, it's a Bayesian Filter). Sometimes it grabs the wrong thing. But our webmaster will see it and tell the filter that your posting isn't spam (if it isn't), and your posting will appear. This helps to train the filter. The reason why the filter thinks your post was spam can sometimes be obscure, so don't worry about it.
  14. What are these funny codes in my posting, when I click on the B or I or other buttons above the editing box?
    What is "BBCode"?
    What are "smileys"?
    The website lets you format your postings (to a certain extent). You can use HTML, if you are familiar with that, but most forums have settled on a simpler mechanism called BBCode; follow this link for a complete description.