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R51/3 web page


My 1952 R51/3 currently consists of a matching number frame & engine, gearbox, parts of a rear bevel, centre stand, very tired forks & the rear plunger components. I'm looking forward to when it looks as good as yours but I've lots of parts to find ! However, it's the least important project at present & I want to finish the 1939 R61/51 racer & 53 R68 first !


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R51/3 web page

Jeff, can you comment on the sidestand on the bike in your picture? I'm working on my R51/3 right now, and would like to put one on it, but the Akipp stand mentioned in Roland Slabon's How to Restore... book is right out for me. Thanks!


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Side Stand

Darryl, I have tried many different sidestands on both plunger and Earles type BMWs and the best ones, in my opinion, are the ones that attach between the frame and engine, replacing the spacers. The one for plungers was a little different than the one for an Earles it had no foot on the bottom as did the Earles. Find one of these and your troubles will be over..............Comet

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