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Hey guys, I just had my freshly restored R69S on the road for the first time and I rode it without a helmet and was shocked at the noise from the heads on both sides. The mechanical noise from the heads worried me but I never drove my R50 without a helmet. Is mechanical noise standard on the R69s because of the high compression and stiff valve springs?

I am just being too worried I am sure but figured I would ask.



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With a fresh engine, things

With a fresh engine, things are going to change. As the gaskets compress, the valve clearances will change. Not sure where you are in the break-in process, but even for the first 500 miles, it's still being broken in. So, rechecking head torque and valve clearances a number of times over those miles is required.

But I would agree, they make noise. I always have ear plugs and a helmet...I wouldn't want to hear it without!


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My R69S heads have quite a

My R69S heads have quite a clatter as well,even with new guides/valves/etc. It has been like this for 10k miles and has not gotten louder...I know how you feel,I thought it was odd without a helmet,it seemed clattery,but at idle and cruise,it is quiet,but mid-high rpm you can really hear the valves...checked everything and all good.


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