Cycle Works

Engines 1955-69 Part 1, 107 minutes

Engines 1955-69 Part 2, 61 minutes

Transmission Rebuild /2, /5, /6, /7, 120 minutes

Wheels, 63 minutes

Engine Video Part 1 covers engine removal and lower end servicing (timing gears, crankshaft slingers, clutch, etc.). Part 2 covers cylinders and cylinder heads (valves, springs, rings, etc.). Disassembly, reassembly and common faults of the 4-speed (/2, /5) and 5-speed (/6, /7) transmissions are covered in the Transmission video. The Wheel video covers mounting/dismounting tires, lacing and truing rims, aligning the rim to the hub, and making special tools. Does not cover wheel bearings. All these video are available from Cycle Works, Inc.