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Can anyone advise me on how to stop the 7 gram Brass Floats in a Bing Carburator on a R60/2 from sticking. Every once in a while the when the gas enters the float bowl the float's vibration ring gets stuck on the walls of the float bowl and will not rise to shut the gas flow off. Thus, the gas pours out of the carburator and sometimes floods the engine. I then take the top of the float bowl off and reset the float so it works properly. I want to keep the bike original and don't want to go to lever tops. The floats themselves are in proper condition with no defects or irregularities on the vibration rings. Will sanding the vibration rings to make them a little less tight to the float chamber walls do any good?

Thanks in advance for your help! ~Bob

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I suppose doing a light sand

I suppose doing a light sand on the ring to remove any roughness would help. Are you sure the floats are sticking due to the outer ring? Are you certain that the small well at the bottom of the carb where the rod rides isn't corroded? If there's corrosion there, it can prevent float from working properly.

Another option would be to convert to plastic floats offered by Vech. Eventually, the brass will crack and let gas inside. Maybe you could get the plastic floats and keep the original floats in a zip lock bag for originality as needed.


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Go with the plastic

Go with the plastic floats...keep the originals for show.


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Brass Float Issues

Icarus and Kurt,

Thanks for your inputs.

I ordered the plastic floats from Vech and will give them a try. I will keep the originals for show if needed. I will again check the bottom of the float bowl float pin hole to be sure it is clean and not impacted by anything when installing the plastic floats. It previously was not.

I believe that the side to side movement of the pin in the bottom hole can cause the float to not move up and down in a straight line and thus the vibration ring on the brass float gets slightly canted and sticks to the float bowl. These original brass floats fit very tight and do not have a lot of clearance between the ring and the float bowl wall. Richard at Benchmarkworks told me that the plastic floats have a smaller vibration ring which might solve the sticking problem.

Bing Agency and Kansas have brass floats without vibration rings which also could work if the ring is indeed the issue for the sticking.


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Good Luck!

I rebuilt my Bing carbs including new plastic floats and needles, and many other parts. I was very careful and thorough.

They still will occasionally leak. both of them. Not very often but they still do. I had to tighten the float bowl parts with gaskets a couple times to get them to finally dry up. If I see one dripping after I open the petcock - operating the tickler a few times usually resolves the problem.

My R60/5 does the same thing after also rebuilding the carbs.

I have chalked this up to the character of the machine. And I NEVER leave the petcock open unless I am riding.


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Both my R60/2 and R25/3

Both my R60/2 and R25/3 occasionally leak no matter what I do. Bing Incontinence.

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