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Just picked this up and unable to find any information about it, any help would be appreciated, thanks, Ed

  • uqnhtwfesbyh17kroyd0w.jpg
  • uqnhtwfesbyh17kroyd0w.jpg
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Looks possibly homemade? Pretty crude and rudimentary even for the era.


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A puzzle

It's not an Avon or Butler or Heinrich or Flanders or Wixom, so I give up. I think there was one made in Chicago, but I cannot fish a name out of my memory.



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Looks like the bike might run

Looks like the bike might run a bit warm with no air getting to the cylinders?


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Looks similar to a Peel but isn't quite as "finished" as a Peel. Likely a one-off or a prototype.

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Habermann, or prototype or

Habermann, or prototype or replica of...de gustibus non est disputandum, but that is one ugly sucker?...

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In the 1968 butler & smith

In the 1968 butler & smith catalog theres one pictured that looks just abt like it
I'll try to find the catalog
A few more pics from different angles would help

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