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had to lay-down my r60/5, due to my own stpidty,in doing so busted the tail housing.removed the boot ,and driveshaft bolts, rotated the out-put shaft back and forth, lot of slack,no side play.started engine ,relased the clutch,horriable noise at rear shaft.has 57,000 miles on speedometer.any thoughts? have a 1974 5 speed ,that came off a 90/6 129,000 miles on it have no maintance info on it. Thanks



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Are you saying the 5 speed was in the bike when the crash happened? Is the transmission in neutral? If the transmission is in gear, there's a decent chance the dogs have sheared (pretty common on an early 5speed). If the bike is in neutral and making all that noise, it's possible the clutch splines have stripped. Either way, you will need to remove the transmission and have a look.

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