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I’ve always been interested in having a tach on my r50/2 but the OEM version is hard to find and requires significant modification to work. I simply bought a cheap inductive digital tach on Amazon for less than $20. I mounted it on the bar with wire ties, routed the induction wire along with the throttle cable and wrapped the plug wire on the right cylinder.

Seems to work fine, haven’t had a chance to actually ride, since we have had a couple feet of snow in the last weeks, but it shows a nice idle of ~500 rpm and rises with throttle application. It is a bit slow to respond but it should give RPM at any given speed.

It also has a cumulative hour meter which is kind of hand for oil changes etc.


PS. Yes, that is an after market speedo. My original was getting quirky so to prevent real damage I have taken it out and use this cheap (not very accurate) repro until I can spring for a repair to the original, with 57k miles on it.

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