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After 3 months of waiting, I'm finally getting my head back from Bob's BMW.
In anticipation of it's arrival, I have a few questions I'm hoping some of you more experienced folks might be able to answer:
1) Does the cylinder head gasket require any sealant?
2) Is there an order to tighten the 4 rocker arm bolts?
3) According to all the videos on You Tube by Chris Harris, there are some anti-seize compounds that I should NOT use when re- attaching my exhaust. Is there a recommended brand or type?

Thanks in advance
Brian Hoover
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1) I'm not aware of any

1) I'm not aware of any sealant on head gaskets.

2) No real order but definitely criss-cross. I'd start upper left, then lower right, then lower left, lastly upper right...or something like that. Do the tightening in stages...go to say 15 ft-lbs on all four, then 20, then 25-26.

3) Not real sure I like Chris all that much, but I suppose he provides some visuals to things as a benefit. Don't know what Chris' beefs are with anti-seize, but Snowbum has his suggestions in article #13 on this page:



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check your valve lash at

check your valve lash at 50/250/1000 miles.

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I use copper grease

I had purchased a few years back a tube of copper grease that said it can handle up to 1100 C. I've been applying it sparingly to the exhaust and spark plug threads since then and never had any issues during removal of said parts. I have not bought a special anti-seize product.

I have also watched Chris's videos and some times refer to them for information. Even though most people here do not agree with his methods, he does make valid points when it comes to preventative maintenance.


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