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My bike has a large sport tank.I have a low “euro” bar mounted in the standard risers, in the front hole set facing backwards. I am not really pleased with this set up: the bars are fairly far toward which is a reach for me. They clear the tank, but barely. My thumbs can get caught between the grips and the tank when turned to the stops.

I know the US style bars will work far better, but I am not enamored of the look.

Does anyone have experience with the sidecar width bars? What is the measurement of the width?

Has anyone tried another set of risers, say from a single or /5 or R68?

Really looking for a better combo.

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Maybe some ideas in this

Maybe some ideas in this thread:



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The /2 risers and R68 risers

The /2 risers and R68 risers both center the bar 4cm from the tree so you wont gain height, however, since the R68 type are straight up from the hole you may gain enough space fore and aft to clear your thumbs. Sidecar bars would do it too but you might cut them back just enough to get your clearance.


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In what space, sir. In what space!?

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Sports Tank Risers

I have a 1961 R69s fitted with a 33 Litre Henrich Sports tank and European style handlebars . To overcome the problem with standard BMW risers . I have fitted a set of Hoske Sports Tank risers . They have worked very well . There is currently a set on E Bay USA with 5 days to go . Current bid is $US 52.26 . They are being sold by Luftman1 . Item Number is 292693372916/8 . I don't know whether the last number is a 6 or 8 . They look a bit crude but do the job . Regards from Down Under .

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