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Hi Everyone

Been the happy owner of my 1953 R51/3 for over a year. Having been seduced away by a recent purchase of of a new Triumph Thruxton R I’m turning my attention back to my slightly neglected Grand Dame.

Aaaaaand with neglect there seems to have been a couple of problems developed.

Taking her out this evening having changed the engine and final drive fluids (10w40 in both) she started up fine first time (as always) but after half a mile of riding I reached down and closed the air filter. She immediately bogged BADLY!

No amount of tinkering with the air filter slider helped get the power back...

I turned her round and limped home with even the slightest incline causing her to want to give up the climb. A serious drop in hp!

On inspection, my left cylinder (from riding perspective) is hot but my right cylinder is lukewarm at best and having started her back up on the centre stand she idled fine...but when I closed (centre positioned) the air filter slider, she died completely!

Any thoughts folks?

I’ve put her away for the night and I’ll go again tomorrow evening. Worried about the temp difference between the two cuclinders...




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I thought closing the air

I thought closing the air filter shut was the choke position. Which could easily foul a spark plug.

At least on my /2 that is the way it works.



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air filter choke lever

Your choke should be off after starting and intial warmup
The lever should be to the rear for running



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