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I am sure this question has been asked-and-answered in the forum somewhere. My apologies but I know nothing about tires.
I've always used Heidenau tires on my R27s and R51 but never put any research into this.
My new R60/2 came with a new looking but very old set of Bridgestone tires that must be replaced. They fit the rims but were so fat I had to deflate the rear to get it by the swing arms.

the rear was 110/90-18 and front was 100/90-18. I don't know what these measurements mean.

the BMW owners' manual indicates 3.50 x 18 which is a spec that pops up as soon as I look at any Heidenau tires on-line.

I am guessing that any medium to high priced tire will use rubber composition that is FAR superior to anything available in 1967

But a buddy recommends Metzler but nothing seems to correspond with the 3.50 x 18 spec.

the other confusing issue is tubes; there are a confusing number of tires listed as tubeless ...but certainly all spoke-wheel bikes will require tubes ?

I've had several of the Heidenau K 34 style racing tire and they seem fine.

then there is the K36 which is more expensive so I’m figuring they are somehow a little superior ??

I am tempted to flip a coin on either the K34 or K36

If anybody out there has some advice for me, I would be very grateful.

Grant MacNeill

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I had been using IRC GS-11

I had been using IRC GS-11 tires on my R69S but when I replaced the front tire with a new one, I ended up with some unnerving wobbles. Turns out the tire had some kind of imperfection in it. I went with Metzeler Block Cs...they come in the sizes you need...3.50x18 or 4.00x18. I bought them at my BMW dealer but they should be available in a variety of places...here's one:


The sidewall says "Tube Type" so yes any spoked rim is going to need tubes. Tubeless tires can also be installed but it's still going to need a tube. The design of the bead of the tire essentially defines it as tube type or tubeless...it has to do with contact with the inside of the rim. But tubeless will work on the old rims.


Kurt in S.A.
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Grant R26
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Toronto Canada and Long Island, Nova Scotia
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Thanks again Kurt you are

Thanks again Kurt
you are always very helpful...don't know where you find the time to answer all these posts

I ordered a set of Metzler Block C tires today. actually intended to go Heidenau simply because they are what I know but the information they publish on their site is minimal...they can barely put together a complete sentence on the subject whereas Metzler actually bothers to post some stats on the tires.

your support settled it and they were in stock in Montreal so I'll have them tomorrow.

Really pleased with the R60/2

Grant MacNeill, Toronto

Interesting fact: my R51/3 stopped firing on the right hand cylinder this week...took off the valve cover and the exhaust rocker adjuster arm had sheared off. Vech had one and it is on the way. I gather it happens but who knew eh ??

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