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It says "Germa" and I would like to know where did it come from (what bike?) and if it is possible to get a repair kit for it? Gaskets etc?
Also would like to fit on it a double outflow for 2 hoses, one for each side (carburetor). Is this possible?
What would the correct petcock be for an R51/3 1952?
Thank you.

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I don't think Germa's were

I don't think Germa's were used for your bike. If you look at the fiche here, it doesn't look like yours:


Slabon's book says that the twins in the early 1950s had an Everbest petcock. The output comes out the side of the petcock.

Although not the same, Duane shows some early Everbest petcock's here:


Vech has Everbest products on his website...he also seems to have Germa parts as well, which was fairly similar to Karcoma. My R69S petcock (Karcoma) has a splitter to run hoses to each carb:



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I got these from S.Meyer

I got these from S.Meyer which are new manufacture and close to the originals. The bullet nose Everbest is for later bikes.


You really need to invest in the Barrington Plunger manual.


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