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I see people on YouTube using colored feeler gauges that are specific to the intake/exhaust... that aren't attached to a whole set, like mine. My google search revealed that they are out there but I couldn't find any vendors who shipped to the US. Does anybody have these? they look quite handy.

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Brian Hoover
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Seems like a nice to have but

Seems like a nice to have but certainly not needed. My two thickness are easy to tell apart. The thinner one is more curved than the other after dragging it between the rocker and pushrod. Even then, I still look at the printed dimensions just to be sure.


Kurt in S.A.
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Original tool kit

The original tool kit had a small feeler gauge like the one you asked about. The problem is, you would probably have to buy the entire kit in order to get it, which is not cheap.


Jon Miller
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