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This is my project bike, and as you can see, it has self-made exhausts (stainless btw).
Previous owner bought it with those and let them on. They're very quiet though.
I would like to get some help with purchasing a new correct set. What kind? What part number? Most suppliers offer 3 different types, two of which are fishtail items, which are the right ones for my model.
Where will the best place be to purchase them?
Who has the best price?
Are there any stainless sets? Or shell I avoid them?
I'm looking for the quietest of course.
Thanks in advance,

P.S. - will a Chinese clone fit?

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Michael, I recently bought an


I recently bought an new exhaust for my R50/2. By far the best price was from Salis in the Netherlands. Even with $80.00 shipping I saved around $200 compared to the American suppliers I usually deal with. Should be relatively straight forward to find the correct part numbers for your bike. Link below.

I kind of like the fabricated silencers on your bike. They look to be well done. Might look OK if you cleaned them up a bit. Maybe even get a couple fishtail tips.



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Mark Huggett might be a

Mark Huggett might be a source in Switzerland...not sure of prices.


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Mark Huggett is about 1270

Mark Huggett is about 1270 USD before shipment. That is a bit beyond my budget. I like to deal with him, though.
Salis in the Netherlands will be at about 900 USD before shipment.

Now I have separated pipes, and I see that the “originals” have a section that connects between left and right. Is this a must?
Why is it there for? How does my machine work, very well, without it?

I am thinking of staying with the pipes I have now and only search for mufflers.
Which brings me to think – maybe a Chinese clone will fit?


Michael Steinmann
R51/3 1952
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Correct pipes would be the

Correct pipes would be the 'S' bend type mated to fishtail mufflers with cut-outs for the 230mm wide center stand to clear. Cheaper sets can be had from S. Meyer and EBay, the 'spensive ones from Huggett. If you are not picky about having the "correct" ones I have a 'high-end' set of straight pipes and regular fishtail muffs I'd sell. PM me if interested.


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