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I am already a greatly interested reader in this forum and thought that it is now about time to join and actively participate.

However, first things first: I am in my mid50ties and spending most of my time in the southern part of Germany (BAVARIA, half way between Munich and the Austrian border) but also some months in the year in my second home in the eastern townships of Montreal, Canada.
I played with bikes since I am a kid and worked on american V2 Bikes for the longest time (mainly Knucks, Pans and Chiefs ...). I recently discovered my interest for the bavarian engineering art (a friend from Toronto asked my recently if BMW stands for British Motorworks ... seriously ...!).
In my staple here in Bavaria I have a 38' R51, 41' R75, a 51' R67 and my wife's 68' R50/2. In Montreal my daily ride is a R69S with Hollandia (You see I rarely spend winter time over there Wink

Well, I hope that we will have vivid conversations around our hobby here and maybe I can help here or there. I definitely will need to pick your brain every now and then ...

best regards

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Welcome, Klaus!

Welcome, Klaus!


Kurt in S.A.
'78 R100/7 '69 R69S '52 R25/2

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