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My bike is unrestored.
I have come to realize, that even though I am finally retired, I am just not having the time or inclination for such an undertaking, at this point I don't even have a garage.
Truth is, I like "seeing the world" too much and am hardly ever home (bike is stored in a rented Garage!)

I am willing to part with it, if an enthusiast is willing to pay a price.

I got it in Germany in 1974, rode it until I came to the U.S. in 1984, had it shipped in 2006, and it is licensed with a Montana Title.
The "Hardy Disc" was replaced in 2006. (last picture).

I consider the bike to be in "Good" condition, which would put the value around $ 5000.
In "Fair" condition around $ 3500, according to various sources, like NADA, Hagerty.

I am also selling an R1100 RT w/Bushtech Hitch, (sold the camp trailer), 1996 vintage.
Contact me for pictures and more information through my email:

Sandy Koeckritz
2625 N Lyons Creek Rd
Wolf Creek, MT

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1953 R25/3
1996 R1100RT