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On my ‘68 r50US I’m only getting ~6.8 volts at the battery at ~3000 rpm with the headlight off. Riding for a couple of hours with the headlight on, the battery voltage drops to ~5.8 vdc. The generator has new brushes and puts out over 7 volts testing it.

I’ve cleaned the contact points on the regulator to no avail. I’m wondering (absent a new regulator) what I should consider tweeting?


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I Read

I read everything about adjusting these regulators that I could find when I was having a similar problem on my R50. There was a lot to wade through, but unless I was missing the golden nugget - nowhere did anyone actually describe exactly what and how much to adjust on the stock regulator. I gave up and got a modern electronic one and haven't looked back.




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In the summer 2013 VBMWMO

In the summer 2013 VBMWMO magazine, there was a discussion of a /2 mechanical regulator. I'm not near the article, but my thought is that the features of the regulator and how to adjust it were provided. Could be wrong...


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On Duane Ausherman web site

On Duane Ausherman web site he talks about how to adjust the /2 Bosch regulator. What the points gaps should be etc.

twocams https://w6rec.com/bosch-voltage-regulator-adjustment/


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