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After a long absence I think its abt time to get back in here & stir things up.
It's been nearly 18 yrs & $15-$17 k invested & my old bike, (1968 R69US) is running pretty good & is lacking only the seat reupholstery & the tach.
The tach is on it's way back from Joe's speedo...(the only way to go) & I have 4 screws to make for the seat.

u guys all prefer the wide bench seats don't u??? They r definitely best to haul around BITB women (broad in the beam) I find Wink

I just got my most expensive motorcycle accessory, a new knee rebuild ;-(.
The doc said mine was a very unusual case in that there was so much difference in the wear of my light knee vs. my left. I explained to him abt this old Beemer being my soul transport for so many yrs & his face lit up. He claimed he had just read a scientific paper abt other bikers who had ruined their knees by kick starting motorcycles...especially Zunndapps & BMWs. Something abt how they work weird. I gave him a testimonial abt how hard they r to start, especially if u followed directions on how to time the mags. The low compression ones r not so bad but MAN those sporty models will give u a charlie horse (that actually IS true).

I digress....anyway I now have a spiffy 6v honda dual output coil hooked to the points, starts great, sorta. At least I can generally start it first or second kick while on the side stand. NEVER used to do it that way, u break the side stand bolt.
By just changing a spade connector from one wire to the other I get mag or batt/coil. U have to tie up the extra set of plug wires or people ask questions.

I took it to the free dyno day at the HD shot Sunday, they tried but could get no reading, said it messed up their computer.
I suspect the the firing orders were not compatible...I dunno. It will pull up to 90 & cruises fine at between 70 & 80. I had forgotten what it was like to ride, not many gears but a lot of revvin'.

Handles very nice naked, the Wixom fairing hurts it tho. Definitely my lowest powered (running) motorcycle. The brakes r getting better but still just marginal +
Having a lot of trouble keeping a bulb in the Guide light. Halogen bulbs DO NOT work, the peanut breaks off right away.

That's abt it for now.
My tnx for all the people who have helped me/abused me thru the yrs. Never invite Duawne (sp?) to ur garage. Richard is a swell feller not always to be listened to...love that guy but NO kisses!
& then we have old what's his name that runs the group, a fairly reasonable individual it would seem ...crafty fox...i dunno
tnx to all
Biker Butch Smile
PS. I know nothing.

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butch housman
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It seems that every time I

It seems that every time I ride this thing something breaks or falls off !

Today on the interstate a pop rivet on the lid for the bags pulled thru & the lid flapped in the breeze for 20 miles or so. Fortunately it was zip tied on well enough that I didn't have to walk the shoulder looking for it.

Got the tach on & working fine & the speedo quit...lucked out & it was a broken cable. I just happened to have a new cable so that's cool but in the process I discovered the bulb holder for the generator light is broken so there's another small package from Vetch.

It seems to run fine but I'm still seeing one lean plug & I'm already up a 145 jet on that side + I'm only getting 30 mpg so I gotta look somewhere else.
I've checked the timing 6572 times & it's good. Looks like here goes 6573.

Ahhhh the joys of riding 50 yr old iron, at least the R1100S is still A OK Smile

Any comment or suggestions r welcome.

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Check your needle jet...main

Check your needle jet...main jet is really on effective as you near wide open throttle. Likely the needle jet controls most of your riding anyway. Also check the wear on your needle. I've heard that the needle bounces around inside the jet and they both end up wearing a bit.


Kurt in S.A.
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Probably known by most, and a

Probably known by most, and a bit off topic, but the easiest way to kick start a /2 is to stand on the side with the bike on the centre stand and simply step down. Easiest kicking bike I’ve ever known.

Good luck and keep in touch,


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I looked up lean running

I looked up lean running and found this excellent article. May be a more help than my rather narrow experience.


It will be interesting to what you track it down too.



mal - R69s
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