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A recent post by acerynes shows his beautifully restored R69s - wow is all I can say about it.

So I went on to acerynes site and he shows the bike as he first got it - so close to a full basket case - pretty daunting to say the least.

There I was thinking how much work will I do on my restoration and how much should I contract out?

I can do lots of stuff from welding to machining, to spray painting and upholstery at a pinch - BUT and I say BUT I am not brilliant at all those tasks. So I am pondering, just how much does one do one self and how much to get someone else to wave their magic wand over?

A chap I know in Australia had his bike purchased in USA and fully restored by Mr Barrington and crew - great job, lots of dollars were spent - but as far as I know he just paid out the cash. Of course that is an extreme example - there is lots of middle ground.

Any thoughts gents and ladies on how your have wrestled with this dilemma?


PS, I have added a pic of some custom bits I made so my seat just fits in a more elegant way. It all takes time - where to find the balance?


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