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Can some one please explain what the difference between both is?
I once had an “old school” drum brake workshop in my area that told me guys who machine and re-line car drums will not do this correct to our drums as these are different jobs.
Unfortunately they don’t exist any more.


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And thats why they dont exist

And thats why they dont exist anymore. Brake shoe material isnt made of asbestos anymore. Someone got smart and figured out the dust gets in your lungs...and can kill you. There are several materials the shoes and pads are made of these days.

I think the big problem would be finding the right thickness and width material that you didnt have to trim down that is used on cars.
You could do just as good a job relining your own shoes. They sell kits that have the rivets and lining sold together.
There are places that still reline shoes, bike and car. just my .02.



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Towcams is right about materials.

The tools needed to machine the drums are different. A car drum bolts right up. A motorcycle hub is different and requires a different tool. Its not that they cannot do the work. They do not have the tools.



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