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Hi all.
My R51/3 is standing still for the last 4 years, after I moved to my British BSA M20 outfit, as my boy is accompanying me and its more fun doing so in a side car. But, I'm beginning to think about the future and plan to return to the R51 some day. My intention is to take advantage of time and renovate slowly, part after part. I do not want the motorcycle to look as new but intend a restoration that will make all the mechanical assemblies function well, for a long time and reliably. This refers only to precise work that requires knowledge and tools, such as crankshaft balancing, gearbox restoring and calibrating, or overhaul & calibrating the rear drive, etc. All the rest I can do by myself. Located in Israel, my options are (to the best of my knowledge) Mark Huggett in Switzerland and Uli in Germany (ulismotorradladen). I would also like to hear from you about guys who can do quality work at a reasonable price in the US (or other places).
I can do lots of things by myself, but then again – these precise jobs I prefer to be done by someone who knows BMW veterans and is a reliable man. Any other ideas or hints are very appreciated of course.
Thanks – Michael


Michael Steinmann
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I'm in Hawaii. Not Israel, but, similar shipping issues.

This is not an exhaustive list but, I have good experience with them.

For all of the work you've mentioned,

Dan Neiner, CycleWorks.
Craig Vechorik, Benchmark Works

It's a pretty simple engine so, there really ins't anything too difficult to do. The problem is, most of the skills required are simply not taught anymore.

By the way, you can do the transmission with the right tools. Just use patience.

I lightened my flywheel as you can see below. It was a good decision for me.

Good luck and have fun.


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Hello Michael, I'd be happy

Hello Michael,

I'd be happy to help you work on your /3 crankshaft, gearbox, rear drive, etc. My specialty is /2 and /3 mechanicals and restoration. I have a full service BMW Motorrad Machine shop. Also I'd be happy to assist you with any questions you may have. I check in semi-frequently here on the vintage forum.

My main communications conduit is email and www.facebook.com/scottiesworkshop

Please post some pics of your restoration! best regards, scottie


Scottie Sharpe, Proprietor
Scottie's Workshop, Santa Clara CA
Full Service repairs, maintenance and restoration workshop for vintage and classic BMW Motorcycles http://blog.scottiesharpe.com

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