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The handlebars on my new 67 R60/2 need to come off as I'm converting it to Euro-bars.

The handlebar clamps are quite different compared to my older bikes. see photos

Once the pinch bolt is removed they don't simply open up but need to be bent open an inch to release the bars.

There must be a metal fatigue factor involved ?? How many times can these things be bent open and closed before they become brittle?
Assuming the bars have never been removed, this will be the first open-and-close since the bike left the factory.

No doubt, I'll take them off again once I'm ready to get them re-plated.

Question: is it reasonable to expect that they can be opened two or three times without risk or are they "single-use".

They are not cheap to replace... plus these ones are original to the bike so I would like to reuse them if I can do so safely.

Any comments or advise would be gratefully received

Grant MacNeill
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I had some very similar on my

I had some very similar on my R69S that I re chromed. The chrome cracked on one as I clamped it on the bars. So the seconded one I heated up some and never cracked. If that is just surface rust & dont look like it, I would reuse.



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Discussion here:


OEM risers have some life to them; aftermarket or rechromed risers might not fair so well.


Kurt in S.A.
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Don't spread them

Hacksaw the the handlebars and save the risers. If you want to save the US bars, make the hacksaw cuts right in the middle of each riser. You can then remount the risers and weld and grind the welds and all will be hidden when the bars are remounted,



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Grant R26
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Thanks Marvin I removed them

Thanks Marvin
I removed them today. I considered taking the hacksaw to the old bars but the clamps opened quite easily in a nice smooth arc.

They are magnetic so apparently a mild steel. I won't make a practice of opening them up routinely but the easy bending suggests mild steel and no feeling of brittleness so I think they will be safe to reuse.

I prefer to recycle them rather than switch over to stainless

I've soaked them in rust remover and they cleaned up nicely. Will attempt a trick that has worked before whereby I zinc plate them with my home kit. The zinc will only bond to the bare metal (the pits in the chrome) and not the chrome. Usually looks almost perfect on smallish parts. And the little spots of rust don't show up in short order in the pits the way they would if I leave it bare.

thanks for the input

Grant in Toronto

I rode my R27 to the shop today...nearly froze to death but no more salt on the road so all weather is riding weather eh

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