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I have bought a BMW R60 1956..

I want to restore it , to original specs.

Has anyone photos to help me , for my restoration?

I have the original airfilter like plungers model

Wheel-hubs 1X cross and chrome rims

It has another Specific features than the other earles fork?

Thank you

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Yes, Many

Yes, there are many other unique features to the early bikes. I have a '55 R69. Email me so we can talk - way too much to discuss here, but be happy to if there is interest. dmcmunncbx@gmail.com




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Hello Gcc, I have 1956 R60,

Hello Gcc,
I have 1956 R60, too. We can talk to about those. Email me.

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bmw r60

Hello dear friend by accident i own 2 R60s and also i have a workshop only for BMW;s in Athens-Greece.
I will be glad if i can help you in any way ,still yours Andreas,
my email .andkonto@yahoo.com



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