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Took a look at insuring my vintage BMW now that I have spent so much on parts for the restoration. It is already insured as required by the RMV in MA but that includes no replacement value - just liability. Went to Hagerty for a quote. They have a valuation tool for collectible vehicles so I put in my info. (1965) R50/2.

Very interesting results. Base model is worth (on their tool) anywhere from $22k for a "concourse" condition bike to $10k for a "fair" condition bike. $14,000 for "good", which I am hoping mine will be when I am done. That is not particularly surprising but what is surprising is the rise from just a year ago. Same bike was $5500 (fair) to $11,500 (concourse) in June 2017. Approximately double now. Just for kicks I looked up my /5 and my friends 1956 R69. The /5 was where I expected it to be but the R69 came in quite a bit lower than my R50/2. That surprised me. Also, all the other (BMW) bikes I looked up were essentially no change over the last 3 years.

The pre-war bikes are FAR more valuable.

An R51 from 1939 is $15k (fair) to $30k (Concourse)
An R27 from 1927 is $35k (fair) to $80k (concourse)

Yes I know these are just values from an insurance company and I'm sure the reality is far less but Hagerty, to me is more real than for instance NADA. They specialize in collectible vehicles and so have a bit more credibility.

Link below in case you are interested.


1971 R60/5
1965 R50/2